Newbe - Advice on first Road Bike Please

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Hi All, new to the forum, and already have a question, which will have you graoning!

I've only been cycling a couple of years, so I'll apologise for asking "daft" questions and not knowing the proper terminology upfront!

Heres the background to my question: I started riding less than 2 years ago on the persuasion of my wife that, with midlife upon me i needed to get fit, as i'd spent the last 20 years developing my skill as a couch potato! Anyway I bought the cheapest "decent" bike I could aford, a Giant CRS 3.0 as in my mind I'd hardly ever use it! Cutting a long story short, last year is shed 6 1/2 stone and covered 1,300 miles. Needless to say I wore out the cheap chainset & then some, so with the help of my LBS looking through it's spares bin (stuff they had taken off brand new bikes at customers request) i upgraded the chainset with a mix of Diore, LX & XT components. I added cabon forks & bars as I was struggling with the "twangs" i was getting through the standard bars & fitted lighter wheels with 23 section tires! In May this year did I the 40mile BHF ride around the Vale of Belvoir, and loved it! My bike is know known as the "mongrel"!

I'm now totaly bitten by cycling and regularly (well at least once a week!) do 30 - 40 miles around the Derbyshire Peaks mixed with more gentle 12 - 15 mile runs every other day. Anyway I did something daft, and fueled by my belief that in life you always need something to aim for I signed up for the Etape Caledonia :shock: With every intent on using my mongrel!

However everyone I've talked to said I could cope with a road bike and would get benefits from using the "right kit for the job", so with the ride to work scheme on offer, i've been looking at options.

I spent most of the BH Weekend trying out various bikes and have found 2 that seem to fit me well, The Bianchi Centostrada Veloce or the Trek 2.5. Both are 2010 models.

The Trek seems stunningly well specifed out of the box as it has the new Ultegra set, whilst the Bianchi has the stunning C2C FC frame, but with the basic wheels and Veloce set.

I'm struggling to know the advantages or disadvanteges of either. I am more familiar with Shimano from a maintainance point of view, but just can't decide!!

Any thoughts would be good as I can't waste money, and will be living with this for many years!


  • ...most of us here cant read more than 3 paragraphs without switching off....but I love your enthusiasm....

    trek would be my choice......but one ride on the correct frame size of each bike and I reckon you'll love one more than the that one and you'll not regret
  • Go for the Trek - its a great ride and you'll hardly believe you're doing it on an alu frame!
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    As much as I love campag, I think you're better off with the Trek, as the Ultegra is a better gruppo than Veloce. Also if the Bianchi only has basic wheels, and the Trek doesn't, that's another big nod in the favour of the Trek.
  • Cheers all :D

    I think you comments mirror my thoughts over the last few days. I'm sure that buying the Bianchi would be a "heart" decision, however i'm sure it would end up eating into my wallet & thats not an option for a long while! The Trek feels more of a "head" decision, and I have to say i love the feel of the new Ultergra set. I am also not sure as to what my level of cycling is and as i've limited experience I think the Trek may be a better starting point. However I'm sure there are Bianchi riders out there who'll tell me different!

    I'm now just waiting to hear about the availability, so am hoping to know what i'm doing for the weekend!
  • Ok, Things just got more interesting!

    There are three bikes to choose from, and only £100 separates all three!

    Trek 2.5
    Bianchi Centostrada Veloce
    Bianchi Centostrada 105

    I thought it was certain to be the Trek until I found I could aford the Bianchi in 105 spec, now I'm not sure again!!! Would the 105 specced Bianchi sway any of you away from the Trek?

    All available in the next 3 - 4 weeks :D