FSA K-Force carbon bar clip on compatibility

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Just bought these bars from CRC (for a very good price) where they were described most clearly as clip-on compatible. However when I actually got them you can see in the picture above that the clamping area tapers pretty quickly from the stem clamp AS WELL as having an explicit warning not to go beyond 50mm wide on the stem, which raises a bit of a red flag.

They are the 2007 model.

I am concerned that CRC just copied the description from one of the newer model K Force bars which seem to have an extended centre clamping section to accomodate clip on bars.

Looking at these bars I am doubting they are clip on compatible.

Opinions? I have clamped clip-ons onto alloy bars sort of where they start tapering but not sure I am keen on doing the same onto carbon. Previous bars were Ritchey WCS Evolution Carbon but they had an extended 31.8mm section and were explicitly clip-on compatible.


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    If your bars don't fit, it's simply not worth the risk to clamp to anything but the centre bulge. The whole question about carbon bars being suitable for clip-ons was always a bit weird - it was OK to clamp a stem, but not OK to clamp something next to it?
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    Cheers, I swapped them with a friend who wanted deeper drops for the more compact ones that do have an extended centre section.