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Hi guys, just wondering on some advice for some leggings for winter training. Apparently they are vital as to not damage your knees.

Just wondering if I should get ones with wind proofing on the front of the legs? I usually ride in shorts all year round and im worried that my legs will get to hot and uncomfortable. Or will very light fleeced material inside be warm enough to cope with wet winter weather?

Thanks for your help :)


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    There is such a large choice, and wide price range, maybe you could pop to a local shop to check some styles out and get an idea what would work for you.

    Depends if you will be riding in the rain, wind, hail etc. How long you will be out in it.

    I wore a pair of pearl Izumi rouibax tights last year, they were cheap too
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    was at my lbs earlier today and this is why the question arose. One pair had windproofed the front of legs, the other hadnt. The ones which werent windproofed were a better fit and a nicer finish, but might not be warm enough.

    Will be wearing them all through winter, rain, sleet, hail, snow....etc. Just wondering what most people used.
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    I use my normal bib shorts then Lusso max repel (good in rain as well ) bib tights on top got a bit cold when it was -5 so got some 3/4 bib shorts to go under in the coldest part of this winter.
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    Hi, I have some Scott Stealth (also called Scott Excel depending on the year they were made) winter bibtights for rowing in winter and they are fantastic - check ebay out for cheap ones. I also used them for one bike ride when it was very cold (0 deg C) last year and no cold thighs! I found them to be very waterproof where the wind panels were as well but I did not get hot in them, instantly bought another pair. They do come up a bit small so get the next size up if you are unsure. I find the others without wind panels fine up to a point but any cold rain and my knees freeze.
    Hope that helps :)
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    I use decathlon winter bib tights keep m nice and warm but that was mountain biking might be different on a road bike due to more speed
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    i am a mountain biker, just came to the 'dark side' for some advice ;)
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    Have you considered leg warmers? They should give you an element of flexibilty, worn under the non-windproof tights, or not; as circumstances direct. :)

    They will fit into a pocket when not required.
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    Depending on your budget you may want to consider some tights with wind proof panels. They are usually windproofed on the knees and sometimes on the fronts of the thighs as well, to give you wind/cold air protection without adding any extra bulk, extra weight or being too hot in places where you don't need any extra warmth. It doesn't matter how thick fleecy material is; if it's not windproof, some cold air will rush in at speed - think about a knitted jumper - it may be warm but it's got holes in it which let the cold air in! Windproofing keeps the important bits warm because the cold air wont be rushing through the wind proofed areas when you're descending or rolling fast, but the tights won't be over hot, because wind proof material is used instead of adding extra bulk or double thickness panels for warmth. If you use a gilet, you will know how well they work at keeping you warm without adding extra thickness to the material or being over- hot. Windproof tights work in the same way. Some are better than others, but you generally get what you pay for with cycle kit, so I'd suggest you buy the best you can afford. You may have to accept that a single pair of tights will not suffice for all weathers though. I have three kinds - thin and fleecy with no wind proofing for milder autumn/winter weather, thicker fleecy ones for colder weather and some fleecy windproof ones for when it's below zero, or milder but windy. If you go for unpadded tights, worn over shorts, you can at least stretch the wear before washing further, although you may not find that as comfortable as wearing a single layer.
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    Ron Hill tracksters (or even better, cheap imitations) worn over shorts have always done me (through rain, wind, sleet & snow: -7 is my PB so far)
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    I wear tights with windproof panels when it gets really cold, otherwise just normal or roubaix (or 3/4's) depending on the conditions. I find windproofing mainly helps when it's damp to as it cuts down a lot on the windchill effect.