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Still having a nightmare choosing a bike pls help!

djames77djames77 Posts: 164
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I have posted a couple of times regarding which bike to buy. But the more I look the more difficult it becomes.

I have decided to up my budget to £700, and realise i now have an even bigger choice making it more difficult.

So far i have ID'd 3 bikes which i think might be right. Being 6'9'' i know i have to compromise on fit, i have limited choice. I saw a 22'' trek 4300 this weekend and i really do not want one anymore, it's an iron horse of a bike, Its massive and very odd in shape and geo.

I have been offered a Cannondale f4 for £650 but despite the LDS saying they will try and get an xxl i don’t believe they are actually made in that size?

So, more research, I am considering a 2009 Spech Rockhopper expert or a GT Avalanche 1.0, could anyone tell me which is likely to be the better bike for a tall fat chap? Or suggest anything else?

Many thanks in advance to those who reply!




  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    I think your main consideration is finding out what manufacturers do XXL and what retailers have them in stock / would be prepared to get one in for you. Sitting on any bike at your height is going to be absolutely mandatory.

    Supersonic is font of all knowledge, he'll know where to pin the tail on the donkey to get you started on tall man bike finding.
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