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New to road biking - a few tips please?

MoonmanMoonman Posts: 2
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I have decided after eight years out of a saddle to get back into it but all of my previous experience was in MTB not road.

After reading a few reviews and doing some research I opted for a Trek 2009 1.2. I got it for £550 and it was delivered earlier on this week. I organised with my brother in law to go for a bit of a ride to ease myself back into it and to gauge how fit I still was. i found the bike was very easy to just jump on and go and after getting used to the skinny tyres and shifter setups I found myself enjoying it or so I thought.

After about 9 miles or so i hit what can only be described as a barrier that made me want to puke (didn't though) so I eased up a bit as I figured I had pushed myself a bit to far too soon. After a stop for some liquid refreshment and a bit of rest we set off again so pacing myself we then managed to cover a total of 24 miles all told in two hours. now I know some of you might put that as a bit slow but as I said it was my first outing in a long time.

Now afterwards my legs felt fine I have to say (albeit a little bit wobbly for the first 15 mins after getting off) and now they feel absolutely fine but my censored is bloody killing me. I can appreciate that my bum is unaccustomed to the stiff ride and saddle but please tell me that it will get better as time goes on. Apart from that I'm great and really enjoyed it and am looking forward to breaking the 30/40/50 mile barrier over the next month or so. I was wearing the usual lycra shorts with padding so I didn't go out totally unprotected.

Any advice and tips for a newbie will be greatly appreciated.



  • sods_lawsods_law Posts: 161
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    Welcome to the road cycling addiction :)

    Your backside will get used to it to a large extent. Good you are wearing padded shorts. Might be worth getting some chamois cream to keep everything supple and smooth moving down there... It does help if your in the saddle for a couple hrs.

    As you build the distance (and time) up, you may want to invest in a higher quality saddle as you head towards 3-4 hr rides if things get uncomfortable. I did a 60 miler today on my cheap saddle that came with my £350 bike, and was fine, so you do largely get used to it...
  • Joe86Joe86 Posts: 180
    It will certainly get better. I remember after my first ride immediately trying to research the stores and find a nice comfortable seat, as my crotch was on fire and I had only done about 10-15 miles that day, and they were only short bursts. Then my second ride was no real problem, and the future rides I didn't really notice any discomfort. Luckily I was warned off getting a new seat, and informed that it was just an initial reaction. But at least you had your padded shorts ;) I almost set my crotch on fire riding home 1.5 miles without any padding when I got my bike, haha big mistake.
  • Takis61Takis61 Posts: 239
    Quality of the shorts can also make a big difference IMHO.
    My knees hurt !
  • geoff93geoff93 Posts: 190
    Not much that hasn't been said, good idea to get a properly sized saddle though, will make your ride more comfortable, and more enjoyable. But even if you don't choose to invest in a higher quality saddle, your behind will get used to it :)
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  • bourneybourney Posts: 12
    get some padded gel gloves brilliant as your mileage goes up buy best padded shorts you can afford take your time building miles up :D
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Do the miles and you'll get used to it. Look what you've written - you did 2 hours exercise after a long time away and you're wondering why you felt it? It'll fall into place, and very quickly as long as you keep at it. Regular & often - once a month isn't enough, 2 - 3 maybe 4 times a week and you'll be doing your first 30 in no time without a problem.
  • As most people have said dont worry about your censored , as with every saddle their is the "censored hardedning period" :lol: which will take a few rides. You will also have to take the "censored re-hardening" course if you spend too much time away from your bike. :lol: But as long as you ride regularly it wont be a problem.

    Another tip that may be useful is too get a proper bike fit (if you haven't already) it will be worth it and you can tell them about any problems or niggles you may have (shoulders, back etc or with the bike) and they will help you with it.

    Anyhow welcome to the club and i just hope you have deep pockets and a fat wallet cos cycling can get expensive.
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