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Hey everyone! This is my first post, so please bear with me if this is in the wrong place! I've relatively recently bought a Giant Defy 2.5 on the cycle 2 work scheme, for a 25 mile daily round trip to and from work and I'm loving every mile of it at the mo. I'm after some tri-bars and I'm looking on ebay, but some of the ones for sale state that they don't fit oversize bars. Does my bike have oversize bars? And if so, which tri-bars will fit em? Sorry for my ignorance, but since looking at biking forums, there's an awful lot of stuff I didn't know I didn't know!

Thanks for your help!


  • your bars are os (oversize) which is 31.8mm.

    tbh if its just for commuting i wouldnt bother with tri bars. you will only be riding to beat a pb if that, and by using tri bars you'll only be improving your time by adjusting your aerodynamics rather than improving your fitness.

    plus one of the positives of tri bars is they need much less upper body effort to hold yourself in position. so if you use your drops instead you'll get a bit of an upper body workout as well.
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