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Edge 705 doing my head in

cartesrcartesr Posts: 69
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hopefully there will be someone out there who might be able to answer the following or at least tell me what im doing wrong.

Sorry for so many questions

Had the edge for about 3 weeks done a few rides and saved them and uploaded to sportracks, all ok at the time. Decided the last two rides to use a ride that was in history. The ride started and ended at my house so I clicked follow history and the ride and it calculated the route but within seconds to riding it told me I was at the end of the ride, I carried on riding past the start of the ride and it kept wanting me to do a u turn. I eventually repeated the process further away and it picked up the ride and off I went. Only for 10 mins down the road for it to miss a turn and ask me to u turn which I did and it tried to take me home. Does anybody out there experience problems like this and can it be compounded by
a) the start and finish in the same place
b) out and back of the ride on part of the same roads

Navigate to I have uploaded a ride from bikehike as .gpxx and asked the garmin to navigate me to it but it doesnt give me directions of how to get to the ride. Should it? and if so which part of the ride should it take me to start finish or nearest to me.

One final question
HAs anybody else had the problem where the unit stops being recognised by windows xp. The SD card is but not the unit so I cant upload to download to or browse it.

When I plug it in I get a removable disk F and a removable disk G, I can browse the G but the F asks me to insert a disk

The unit is there in device manager and also the safley remove hardware section. Its also there in disk management but tells me it is unallocated, anybody know what its should say and how to sort it.

Im really sorry for the length of the post, I have tried garmin support but am still waiting

any help would be appreaciated


I used to do a bit meself you know
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