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Hole in Bib Shorts

sods_lawsods_law Posts: 161
edited August 2009 in Workshop
Slightly different question for the Workshop section...

Out on club ride today, had to stop quickly, and the guy behind me couldnt stop quickly enough and ended up glancing my leg with his bars. It looks like I was caught with the brake lever, as I now have a small (5p size) hole in my shorts (right on the 'I' of the Nalini writing :( )

Anyway, is there a good way of patching it up?

Cheers all :)


  • vitesse169vitesse169 Posts: 414
    ...needle and thread works ok - if they're knackered old one, ditch them. If they're in gen good order, a few stitches with thread will do ok with a hole that small...
  • sods_lawsods_law Posts: 161
    Cheers vitesse :) They are my only pair (though am shopping for more), so need to look after them :oops:

    Was thinking of gluing them aswell? (with wetsuit glue) Or is this a bad idea?
  • markmodmarkmod Posts: 501
    Watch out using solvents/ solvent based adhesives on manmade fabrics- the fabric has lycra which will perhaps dissolve with the adhesive (that is how many adhesives work by melting the surfaces to bond them)

    I would use just the stitch method first and see if that holds- good point it is not on an area that rubs/ contacts the saddle so the stitching should not rub you raw!!
  • sods_lawsods_law Posts: 161
    Ok, thanks. Will stick a few stiches in and see if it holds. Hole isnt big, and didnt even notice it on my ride today. Hole is halfway down the leg, so should be fine rubbing wise :)

    Will treat myself to some new bib shorts next season anyway!
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