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Cheaper alternative to Campag Record UT Chainring Bolts?

Digger90Digger90 Posts: 143
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I rounded out one of the Torx heads on my 2008 Campag Record UT 10spd chainring bolts and had to drill it out.

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the price of a replacement - £15 ea, or £69 for a set!!!!!

It appears that you can't use normal cr bolts because of the hole drilling in the carbon tabs on the chainring placement being a smaller diameter, meaning a normal cr bolt/nut will not fit.

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  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    I noticed the size difference when i went to fit my red Middleburn chain ring bolts.
    I was tempted to drill the out to be honest.
    I can only assume its done to tie you in with Campag only bolts.
    It looks like its onlt about 1/2 - 1mm size difference
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    I am guessing the way Campagnolo sees it, if you can afford the whole groupset then you must be able to afford their chainring bolts.
  • I have a set of Record chainring bolts spare, of the non-Torx variety. Could part with them for a small amount of dosh. email me
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