Fitting Pannier Rack problem

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Recently got a Tortec ultralite rack to fit onto my Giant SCR bike. Although there are rack mounts on the frame, the M5 bolts provided just don't seem to fit through the mounts on the dropouts and i'm having to pull the frame apart quite far for it to fit onto the outside of the dropouts. Am i doing this right?

It would be helpful if anyone has pictures of frames fitted onto Giant Scrs!


  • careful
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    Paint in the screw threads is often a problem with mudguard eyes and reck mounts. Best solution is buy a suitable tap or ask LBS to clean up the thread. My LBS did it for nothing even though I didnt buy the bike there - regular customer though.
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    I fitted a Tortec Velocity rack today, and I had to open up the frame of the rack quite alot to get it to fit - I think that's totally normal.

    The bolts I recieved with my rack wouldn't work with the braze ons on the seatstay, had to use the bolts that came with the bike frame.
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