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Scary to watch as well!!

coscolaicoscolai Posts: 8
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Was anybody here on a road bike on the A348 heading north from Poole and just south of Longham in heavy traffic around about midday/1pm last monday?

Anyway I had a grandstand view of a large articulated DHL truck do it's best to flatten a guy on a road bike. No contact was made and nobody hurt but it looked very close! If you're reading this I sincerely hope that you're ok and that the whole thing looked a lot worse than it was.

From my perspective in a following car, the truck overtook the cyclist and pulled in way too early nearly taking him out with the trailer's rear wheels. I have no idea why the truck bothered to overtake as it was absolutely clear there wasn't room and obvious that there was a queue of traffic further down the road. In fact the cyclist promptly filtered down the outside of queue and headed off on the B3073 towards Christchurch.

This all looked very scary watching from the outside. I have been in similar situations on my own bike myself but this is the only time I've seen this sort of thing from the outside. Have to admit I didn't have the presence of mind to get the truck's number or anything useful like that.

It did prompt a conversation with the other half who also saw the whole thing about how safe I am out on my own bike!! Which I could have done without to be honest.
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