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manitou nixon

lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
edited August 2009 in MTB buying advice
just seen these bargains on crc ... elID=11591

any body got/had a nixon, are they any good???


  • HoughamHougham Posts: 120
    I really like them and i think TPC damping is great. But old ones were a bit hit or miss as they started to make them on the cheap. My old set pissed all the oil out and the bottom nob fell off. Though once set right worked great. I love the feel of them.
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  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    thanks, i take it tf tunede can servise them? i am tempted by these or i might get some 2010 revelations from merlin for a few extra quid
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Hougham wrote:
    the bottom nob fell off.

    snigger... :shock:
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