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Ok basically i have a limited budget for tt bike. Just wondering about peoples opinions on the cheapest ribble aluminium tt frame. How does it compare to a carbon tt rig? In my opinion i dont think carbon will make a massive difference on a flat ten. If i went for the cheap frame it saves money for a disc wheel. Do you agree that the wheels will make more difference? Any opinions welcome! Thanks in advance!


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    TT Frame's are useful in sofar as they get you a steep seat tube, hence enabling a more aero position - the basic Ribble one gets you steep enough from what I remeber - no need for a carbon frame for a novice TTr. Wheels make a good investment for TTg though. (Ant on here even uses a Ribble Winter frame as a TT rig - its got a very small headtube which helps (I 've got the same bike)).

    Not sure what this one is - possibly 74-76 deg ??

    http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/productde ... IBBFRAT600

    Even got a cut-out by the looks of it.
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    They look like great frames for the money. I nearly bought one myself six months ago (to run as a fixed gear on the road). It'll be heavier than the carbon frame, but you're only talking about a couple of hundred grams at the most and that's not going to be much of an issue on a TT even if it's particularly hilly.

    You're right in thinking that it's best to spend the money on aero wheels if you're on a limited budget. Deep section rims, or even a deep front and rear disk if your budget will allow, would make a much bigger difference to your TT times than a more expensive frame with lesser wheels.
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    Got one, wasn't expecting much, v pleasantly surprised, as it was 1/10th of the price of the frame I used before but didn't get on with. Well made, well finished, just done my fastest 10's in 5 years on it, got full Dura Ace, Corima disc and Corima Aero front on it, so yep, wheels make more difference than the frame, but fit is even more important.

    Ribble decals aren't laquered on, so it would be the work of seconds to remove them!.

    3 clubmates of mine have subsequently bought them as they were some impressed with the value for money...

    Hope this helps.