Road Newbie, routes and clubs in Newcastle area ?

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Picked up my new Trek 1.2 on friday night. Off to my lbs to get some SPD cleats tonight so expecting some bruises this week as i've never rode (ridden ??) clipless before.

I'm sure the clipless thing will take a fair few rides to get used to and the whole road experience is going to take some getting used to after a few years MTB'ing.

Anyway after a few rides over the forthcoming weeks i think i may consider joining a club if there are any up here in Newcastle ?

So if anyone can recommend any routes starting near the racecourse or recommend any beginner friendly clubs in the area i'd be very appreciative ?


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  • jswba
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    I'm moving to Newcastle in a couple of weeks and have been scouting out clubs. The Gosforth Road Club has a reputation for being friendly, and meets outside the Regent Centre Metro for its weekly rides. It'd be worth getting in touch with them (I will be when I move)
  • g3n1u5
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    You could try Gosforth Road Club -

    As the routes are starting at the Racecourse, Do you work at Sage?
  • Leesykoi
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    Thanks for the prompt replies. Gosforth Road club does indeed look good, love to hear from any members and to hear if beginners are tolerated ??

    With regard to the racecourse comment i don't work at Sage but live relatively nearby.

    Going to build up some experience first before venturing anywhere near a cycling club though !!!!!

    I like shiny bikes - especially Italian ones.....!!
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    I lived in Newcastle for a year and a bit. Nice easy riding on quiet lanes if you head up through Dinnington towards Morpeth and Alnwick. Gets hillier as you head west, but there is some fantastic riding in Northumberland. I used to cycle up through Stanfordham - Barrasford - Wark - Bellingham and then up past Kielder on my way up to visit my folks in Scotland. Great cycling! West towards Consett and then on to Stanhope is also great riding. Pretty hilly mind.
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  • Jon8a
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    I've done a handful of rides with Gosforth. Was not a beginner to riding but was to riding in groups, I still don't "get it" all the time.

    Seem nice and friendly as a club. Welcoming to new members and supportive of all abilities.
    Only managed to do the saturday rides. They often split into faster and slower groups on the saturday to give more variety.

    If you fancy something muddy then I'm more involved in Newcastle Mountain Bike Club ( and we will take anybody with a mountain bike, helmet and sense of humour.
  • Leesykoi
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    Thks Jon8a.....

    I'm keeping my trusty Spesh Rockhopper Pro Comp so may give you a shout......But going to try and alternate between road and off road to keep my options open....

    Out of interest where do you guys go ?

    I like shiny bikes - especially Italian ones.....!!