Garmin forerunner 305 heart rate connection issues

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Hi all,

Have the above and after changing the battery in chest strap i seem to have lost the heart rate connectivity. i have been through the 'search for new devices etc..still wont do it. Does this mean it is a resending back to Garmin even though it is out of warranty?

cheers for any help anyone can offer..



  • rjsmith
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    Changed the battery in my forerunner with no problem. Presume you have tried the obvious things like checking the battery is up the right way and trying another battery?
  • Speck
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    On the Garmin Edge you can scan to look for accessories
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  • cyclingvet
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    Just had the same thing happen to me last week when changing the battey. There's lost of info on the motionbased forums

    But after about 8 hard resets (switching the on and mode buttons at same time--this wipes out all the memory though) I managed to get it working again!