New bike teething problems

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I bought a trek 1.7 4 weeks ago everything is fine on it until this morning. On the rear mech about 4th gear down it feels as though its slipping gears it does it with and without pressure. The bike has done 110 miles so far and should be going for its check up in a few weeks. The shop is an hour away so i dont want to keep travelling for something simple and want to learn to maintain everything myself. Anybody have any ideas what could be causing this or anything i can do to fix it. Gutted from abandoning this mornings ride its sunny and still here at the moment.



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    Time to start learning some basic bike maintenance :wink:
    The simplest thing to try is to adjust the cable tension for the rear mech (deraileur). If it has only done 110 miles then it can't be wear and tear so the cable has probably settled and needs adjusting.
    Turn the adjuster on top of the rear mech and watch how the chain lines up with the sprockets. It should line up centrally and be the same on each sprocket. Also clean the chain by running it through a rag and then lightly oil it :D

    If unsure how to do it look on you-tube for vids on adjusting your gears.
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    Most likely just needs a small adjustment tweak to the cable (not the limit screws). Put it in the gear that slips and, from behind, check that the cage/jockey wheels align with the gear sprocket. If not then tighten/loosen the cable adjuster on the gear mechanism. Dont overdo it or you will mess up the other gears as well. Quarter turn should suffice.
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    The cables have probably just settled / stretched a little. Major fettling is probably not required. All that is probably needed is about a quarter to half-turn on the barrel adjuster on the rear mech. (anti-clockwise to tighten-up the "slack") 8)

    See the Park Tools link here: for guidance.
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  • Thanks for the help think i have it sorted. Just been down the drive and seems smooth now. Need to get a plan sorted for maintenance and cleaning.