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track pump leaking - spares?

SimonLyonsSimonLyons Posts: 203
edited September 2009 in Commuting chat
Before my commute this morning I pumped my tyres up using my track pump
The track pump valve has started leaking with no pumping - fairly slowly at the moment.
I fiddled with it but still leaked.

Can you get spares for these things or is it a matter of buying a new one when the leak gets too bad?

Its a 4 year old metal bikehut track pump.


  • Halfords were useless - "we don't stock spares" - contacted through email also which disappeared into the ether.

    10 out of 10 toEdinburghBicycleCooperative.
    The Revolution track pumps use the same valve head so 2pounds + postage for a new valve + seals.

    Note the Trek Charger pump also uses the same head as the Revolution pumps.
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