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I have a big problem. I am going to France on monday to cycle over the Alps from Geneva to Nice. Problem I have is my seat post is stuck in the down tube and nothing will shift it. Anyone got any idea what tool I can use or any other solution.
Would be most grateful.


  • Got any holes in the frame around the bottom bracket, or perhaps a bottle cage holder (allen key) on the seat tube? If so, full fat coke is your friend! :D

    Turn bike upside down, carefully funnel a can of coke into frame. Leave for at least 24 hours. Seat post should now be free, may need some gentle force knocking the post further in a fraction, before then being able to raise post up again.
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  • Wappygixer
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    Loads of threads on here for stuck seatposts.
  • marvick
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    Thanks to both of you who replied. Am gonna try a can of coke today. Also found lots of other ideas so thanks again.
  • Monty Dog
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    Material of seatpost and frame is quite important as to be technique to employ. is your friend..
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    a can of coke into frame

    Eeeh... some myths never die...
  • bexley5200
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    surly coke would make it stick miore try easing oil l then a bit of leverage then regrease and hit it hard with a mallet downwards
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    Cyclist i know used the coke can in frame for a stuck seat post and it worked a treat. Said he had left it for nearly a week though
  • My seat post was siezed last week. I soaked it with generous amounts of releasing oil then clamped the seat post in the vice and twisted the frame (using the frame as leverage) and it was out in five minutes!
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    I recently had a guy bring round a frame with stuck seat post, tried everything, coke,hairdryer,CO2, WD40, boiling water, after 4 weeks yes 4 weeks I got it out using a vice and this stuff ... duct=30700