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Can anyone recommend insurance for bikes. The house insurance wants an extra £40 per month and all the others have quoted similar. Others online have such ridiculous conditions that I must store the bike in the house.

Anyone know where to go for good insurance where mt bike is covered well locked in a shed?

My bike is £1500 so it is not automatically covered by the home insurance




  • An extra £40 PER MONTH!!! Where do you live? Afghanistan?

    I hear M&S are rather good. I use a local company and the bike is added on sperately as an extra, valued at £1,600. My contents insurance INCLUDING the bike, comes to less than £20p.m
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    I tried M+S but they don't insure houses built prior to 1800.

    I think Afghanistan would be cheaper, I live in a low crime area in sussex. This insurance is driving me mad

    Thanks for suggestion
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    If you secure your bike well and don't leave it outside shops or anywhere why not just stick £50 a month in a savings account and take your chances.
    Insurance is only really paying for other peoples bikes who don't take the precautions above.
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    Every bicycle specific insurance claim I've heard of has NEVER paid out. Wrong lock, wrong place, not attached to roof rack correctly or securly.

    WATCH the small print, bike insurance is a grey area IMO.
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    Just put £2.5k of bike onto my home insurance. Cost £40 for the year. Took the old one off which was £1500 Specialized...that was £10 per year.

    It's with RIAS, covered at home and out of the home if locked

    I'm in Sussex too...although my home isn't pre 1800!!
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    boyfriend claimed cost of bike wheels on the house insurance when he was hit by car. No quibble for them insurance other than he was required to take the bike and wheels to a bike shop and get a letter stating that they weren't repairable and the cost of replacements. I think it was M&S insurance.
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    I added mine to the house insurance. replace with new and only cost an extra £5 per month
    LOL road riding.
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    Cheers for help.

    Churchill will insure the bike and old houses for anyone else struggling. They seem similar to M+S as don't want desription of bike etc if under £2000. They also stated bike can be left in shed and doesn't have to be locked, just out of public view