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I have managed to put some deep scratches into the braking area of the rear wheel on my Giant Defy after the wheel managed to find it's way down into a crack in our wonderful British road system !

The wheel has stayed fairly true, but the marks that run round the braking area of rim on both sides 1/3 around it on the worst side made for some interesting sounds when I came to stop.

I have cleaned the sharp edges of them with some emery paper, aside from a small amount of noise now and the fact it atheistically does not look pleasing I don't need so start saving for some new wheels do I ? Is this going to be bad from braking performance ?

The scratches run vertically, in the way they go in the same direction as the spokes run.




  • keef66
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    Provided the scratches are not so deep they weaken the rim, the braking performance should be OK, in fact it might be improved a bit. Might be worth checking the pads for more rapid wear if the scratches have sharp edges they might be taking off more friction material.