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Hi all,
Hoping someone can shed some light on this.
I have a spesh allez , head set bearings have died , so got replacements . Tapped out old bearing races . New bearings do not seem to be same design , they do not seem to require any pressing into place , they do fit into recess in head tube without any play but should i use ' Bearing and stud lock' to lock them in place or will a light smear of grease be okay ? . Bearing housing does not seem to move in frame when i attempt to move inner bearing race .
It's sunday and have to get bike back together for work and of cause bike shop is shut to answer this one for me .
Any advice .
Thanks .


  • Monty Dog
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    Grease will be fine - I wouldn't use 'bearing fit' unless your dealing with a specific problem - the action of adjusting / tightening the headset centres everything axially and takes out any play.
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    as Monty says - smear of grease where there is metal/metal contact - they will be fine when you pre-load the bearings using the top -bolt on the stem
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    Thanks very much , wasn't quite sure , and thought it best to ask .