Tiagra STI Trouble - Save me from looking like an idot

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Hi Guys

Recently I have spent more time working on my own bike in the garage
slowly metamorphasising into my dad. Changing bar tape and brake cables etc

My Girlfriend has a Specialized Allez sport triple and the chain broke. My friend and
I took out a link so its a bit shorter but will do for now (you can comment if you like but its not the main problem).

I then tried to adjust the gear change on the three gears on the crank (triple).
The basic problem that arose was that the Left Tiagra sti shifter only wants to change up!
When you press the smaller black handle on the brake lever there is no click or release
sound. Even if you pull the cable tight to help it, there is nothing. I manage to get the cable out but this has not helped. occasially it will release but with no warning.

So basically I took a problem and ended up with some voodo black magic STI shifter problem that is way beyond me. Im afraid to take it to the shop in case they say I need to replace it (shifters are bucks!), althought the bike was bought just over 2 years ago.
Any help?


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    The black plastic downshifter needs a fair amount of pressure to "release" (more pressure than an upshift requires) - it then releases with an almighty "THUNK!" rather than a delicate "click". :wink:
    *hint* DON'T over-tighten the cable.
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  • Yeah im waiting for the THUNK but it aint coming.

    I may have overtightened the cable. I have taken the cable out as I thought it may help
    butit didnt. Taking it to the LBS on monday. After talking to 2 mechanics both are of the opinion that it is fooked.

    Cheers mate