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I need help finding quiet lanes or hills to train in leeds

Ashley1993Ashley1993 Posts: 13
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Hi, i ride a road bike and have recently moved to leeds and i could do with finding some quiet lanes or hills around Leeds to train on. I have been up to Otley but have found that some of the lanes on the steep climbs are quite small and when there is a lot of traffic it can be a bit of a pain. I just wondered if anyone knew of any circuits that were about 20/30mile long that are quiet at certain times in the day other than between 12am - 6am. i would really like any suggestion i could do with all the help i can get.

Thanks Ashley.
Ride hard, then get some rest, and go out and do it all again!


  • I don't know Leeds very well but you are close to the Pennines and the Dales. To keep the distances down to 20-30 miles you could take the train on the Aire Valley route and get off at say Keighley (and head up to Oakworth, Haworth, Hebden Bridge etc or get off at Skipton and you're at 'the gateway to the dales'. That train is good for transporting bikes.
  • Wow, thank you very much, i have been to Skipton and never actually thought of checking there. I will have a look because im heading up to skipton in 3 days. I don't mind cycling over 30 miles, i cycle up to 3 hours sometimes so i don't mind doing longer distances, its more that i just want to be able to train without having to be constantly stopped by ignorant motorists.

    Thanks again for your help, it has really come in handy :D
    Ride hard, then get some rest, and go out and do it all again!
  • chriskemptonchriskempton Posts: 1,245
    Go to Otley then take Weston Lane through Weston and Askwith. Take it as far as you want out toward Bolton Abbey, then turn around and go back home via Otley, West Chevin Road, through Guiseley and back via the bike lane on the A65.

    Many many great options around Leeds - why don't you join a club and get the benefit of other people's knowledge.
  • Thanks i will go on that route tomorrow :)
    i am going to be joining a club hopefully next weekend, theres a few lads from my dads work that are quite experienced, but also have some young people about my age that have only been in the club for a few months, so it will be ideal for my age hopefully, just see how it goes.

    Thanks again for all your help :wink:
    Ride hard, then get some rest, and go out and do it all again!
  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,257
    Yea just above leeds round near otley there does appear to be some good roads, I planned a route on bikehike that I plan to do sometime that takes me round there, gets some hills in too and around 66 miles for me.
  • topher9topher9 Posts: 54
    Otley, Ilkley, Bolton Abbey, up towards Harrogate, all good, some great roads around there and you'll see loads of other people out there. I ride out through Shipley, to Bingley, up over the tops towards Halifax. Great route with lots of climbing.

    What side of Leeds are you on? Other side you can go out towards Selby - quite flat but quiet enough. Loads of options.
  • BhimaBhima Posts: 2,145
    Otley is amazing - when i've been there, there haven't been many cars so I guess you were just unlucky that day.

    You could always go down south towards Holmfirth for some good long climbs, although there and back would probably start equalling 50/60/70 miles.
  • slojoslojo Posts: 56
    Roundhay-Eccup-Arthington-Pool-Leathley-Almscliffe Cragg-Huby-Weeton-Kirkby Overblow-Sicklinghall-Linton-Collingham-Jewitt Lane-Thorner-Shadwell-Roundhay
  • northernneilnorthernneil Posts: 1,549
    I live in north leeds and its fantastic for cycling, you head east towards wetherby and york for flat easy cycling in the vale of york, or you head west either up airedale or wharfedale towards the yorkshire dales, or just north beyond harrogate and ripon for stunning countryside, by the landranger maps for the area and you will quickly see the quiet lanes all over north leeds heading in all directions.

    Do a search in Bikely, here are some I have already added for you to try :- ... ill-Chevin ... y-Overblow ... liffe-Loup ... asham-Loop
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