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Routing advice - Charity Ride Advice Required

FeynmanCFeynmanC Posts: 649
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I've been accepted to be a mentor on an Outward Bound Programme for disadvantaged kids and have to raise £500 for my training and to help fund their participation.

To raise the £500 i've decided to do a bike ride from Avonmouth to Milton Keynes, where my head office is. I've had a quick go on Bike Hike and come up with this route:

but I don't have any local knowledge along the route - does anyone have any improvements, suggestions or tips (where to stop, hills to avoid, etc)?

It'll be the longest ride i've done by a long way, but i'm going to take it easy and fingers crossed be ok.


  • EscargotEscargot Posts: 361
    Nice one. I can't say I know the route from Avonmouth but from the Cotswolds it will definitely be a lovely ride as it's very nice round that way.

    I'm not sure what kinds of road you feel comfortable riding on but I live in MK and personally I would try and find an alternative route once you get off the A5 and on to the A509 (Portway). The drivers in MK can be a nightmare as there are no real speed restrictions and most do not think twice about entering any of the many roundabouts at 50-60mph. If you are caught short then you will be in serious trouble. I very rarely use the dual carriageways in MK and although I see a lot of riders on them it's just not worth it.

    In general the redways, although rubbish for road cycling are by far the safest if you don't know MK very well (if you do then I apologise). Most of the time I head out of MK and into the countryside.

    In fact that particular roundabout is not very nice at all and although they've introduced traffic lights you still have cars doing 60mph as you come off the A5 and enter the 3 lanes into the city centre.

    In fact it might be easier to get on the A421 and head toward Buckingham as opposed to Brackley. This would take you into the south west corner and would then require some navigating but would ultimately be safer and easier to get onto the redways for the final part of the journey.

    It's up to you though and what you feel comfortable with doing. If I can help in any other way then please let me know.

    Best regards.
  • Lycra ManLycra Man Posts: 141
    Dear Feynman,

    I live in Waddesdon (south of Milton Keynes) and have cycled to Bristol several times, so know the terrain reasonably well.

    I would agree with your route up to Cirencester. Then do not take the road to Stow as it is extremely steep at Fossebridge (monumental drop and then killer climb). I would recommend going to Burford, then Long Hanborough (to avold Witney bypass) Bicester, Buckingham and then MK. The terrain is rolling but nothing too vicious.

    As to your approach to he ride, I recommend breaking it down into 2 hour sections. Stop and take a break of 5-10 mintues off the bike. Stop for lunch (I usually go to Waitrose in Cirencester for a bacon roll) for 55 miinutes. Longer than an hour and you will be stiff when restarting.

    If you can average 14 mph, then 2 hours = 28 miles. Lunchtime you will be at 56 miles or half way. Your performace will drop in the afternoon (unless you are Lance A in disguise) but still be able to achive this in a day. Plan where you will stop. Break it down into achieveable parts. Reward yourself as you progress through the day.
    Good luck.
    Lycra Man
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  • FeynmanCFeynmanC Posts: 649
    Lycraman and Escargot, thanks - that was exactly the kind of info I was after.

    I've amended the route, following your advice and it does look a lot less up and down.

    I'm on a ride in MK tomorrow through work and i'll try and work out some of the cycle routes through the centre to avoid the traffic on the dual carriageways.
  • FeynmanCFeynmanC Posts: 649
    :shock: my mate has just sponsored me £1 per mile - £110 total - on my justgiving page.

    I was properly speechless.
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