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help! ive just bought a...

josh_exelljosh_exell Posts: 8
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... boardman comp from halfords as i got a very good price and found one in my size. tey built it up and i went to collect it. on the first ride i realised something didnt feel right. i didnt feel like the old bianchi or my dads focus i had been riding. it felt very stretched out and uncomfortable. is this the wrong size bike or do i need a shorter stem! i have a medium and i am 5ft 9" i measured my dads focus cayo which feels comfortable and his bars are 5cm closer to him and the hoods are 7cms closer. the hoods is were i feel the most discomfot. the bars also feel a very thin diameter but very big in size and twitchy on the drops?! are these just bad components that need upgrading as i have the extra money any ideas?
i know these are probably simple things to answer but im a complete newbie here.




  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    I have a Boardman Comp (small) and felt "stretched out" at first, as well as it being a little "sketchy" on the drops just as you do. I tried rotating the angle of the bars, but didn't feel 100% comfortable overall. It either felt okay on the hoods, but the drops ended in a crazy position or vice-versa. :?

    I first considered swopping the stem to a shorter one, but was concerned that this would make the handling even "twitchier". After some thought and deliberation, I changed the "ergo" handlebars to a set of FSA Omega Compact bars.
    The new bars where a total revelation! They have a shorter reach (bringing the hoods in closer), but also with a more "normal" curve meant that I had more positions to choose on the drops too. Worked for me. :wink:
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  • Mister WMister W Posts: 791
    I think you've answered your own question. if your Dad's bike feels comfortable then the Boardman is too big. You can put a shorter stem on to bring the bars closer but I wouldn't recommend going any shorter than 8cm as it will affect the handling. You can also change the bars to narrower ones with a smaller curve (as skydog suggests) so the hoods are closer and they don't feel so big, which will make it more comfortable.

    Boardman bikes are very good value but the downside is that they come with standard kit where a bike from a good LBS will be built to your spec.
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