First run out!

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I went on my first proper run out tonight - it was great, but I learnd a few things, such as the need for some padded shorts! The route I went on was around 8 miles total, but the last 3 or so were quite uncomfortable. I guess a combination of getting used to it and wearing shorts will help. Please tell me it will get more comfy... :shock:


  • teagar
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    It does get more comfy.
    Note: the above post is an opinion and not fact. It might be a lie.
  • rally200
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    I found my first trip out on a road bike agony on the hands - I think I was holding on too tight, and locking my arms.

    It soons gets better

    oh - and not wanting to start another pants war - yes decent cycle shorts will make the world of difference
  • brainsys
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    Padded clothing is there to solve a problem that should not exist.

    Here follows a party political broadcast on behalf of the Brooks B17 movement. Yes the narrow version doesn't impede or chafe movement for me. Your buttocks may vary but getting the right saddle for your particular anatomy is probably one of the most important, and neglected, aspects of setting up any bike. The saddle should be your nearest and dearest friend. A good one may last you longer than the bike. I'm just retiring my first B17 after 30 years for another ... and its had more and easier contact with my wedding tackle than my wife of the same vintage ;-)