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NervexProfNervexProf Posts: 4,202
edited August 2009 in Road beginners - 11,000 took part in Hounslow, 15,000 in Manchester.

Next event in Glasgow - 23 August.
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  • White LineWhite Line Posts: 887
    I registered for the Glasgow one a while ago, but on discovery that it's only something like 6.8 km I might be giving it a miss. :(
  • holybinchholybinch Posts: 417
    Did the one in Houslow, quite fun, but loads of people and def. not sporty!

    Just a good time in the sun, chatting to nice people and chilling out.

    One thing to mention though, a big part of the circuit was on pretty rough terrain. By that I mean road bike unfriendly.
    Don't know for the next ones though...
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