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Shimano SPD black Vs silver/gold cleats

FlamingTbertoFlamingTberto Posts: 41
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My first cleats, I'm using SPDs and all is going well. A couple of slow motion falls at junctions or traffic where I have just about managed to clip out before going horizontal!

When fitting my cleats, I read that Shimano sell silver/gold cleats that work slightly differently and allow you to clip out by lifting and not just sideways/twist like the black cleats. Any user experiences you can share? I ahve been thinking about going this way after a couple of near embarrassing falls. Are there any downsides other then paying up to £15 just for a bit of metal cleat?
2009 Kona Zing - second ever racer and follows my 5 speed downshifters Raleigh Milk Race of 1987ish :-)


  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    You'll soon get used to twisting the foot sideways to release. The trouble with the other type is that when out of the saddle on steep hills it is fairly common for riders to pull up a little on the rising pedal. The last thing you want is for your foot to release unexpectedly at this point.
  • love2ridelove2ride Posts: 224
    if you cant pull up on the second half of the crank revolution, then whats the point in cleats?
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    I've got the silver cleats cos I need the float for my ageing knees. Never unintentionally pulled out of them, but I like to think that in the event of a fall they'd increase my chances of parting company with the bike.
  • I do agree that with enough road miles in the black cleats I should be fine, I like the thought of extra release ability of the silver cleats in the event of a fall.

    I saw a nasty face plant by a guy making a split decision call to go up the lowered kerb onto the cycle lane. He fell and was stuck in a horrible position, head on the ground and badly contorted body still connected to the bike. I don't know what he was wearing but I don't ever want to end up like that.

    Fortunately, both times I have almost fallen I have managed to pull my feet out just in time. Instinctively I am pull upwards when falling which is where the silver comes on. I guess I need to practice falling and twisting more.
    2009 Kona Zing - second ever racer and follows my 5 speed downshifters Raleigh Milk Race of 1987ish :-)
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