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Hi - I have read the guide to gearing but I still require a bit more clarification. :oops:

I currently run a 53/39 with 12/26. I am looking at a 50/36 compact and retaining the 12/26. Since the 53/39 = 14T and the 50/36 = 14T does this mean that I can simply swap my current set up for the compact and expect everything to run as normal? Or am I over simplifying things?

Is there anyone who has done this conversion who would be willing to share their experience and issues they encountered please?

Thanks in advance of helping me out with my stupid questions.



  • Smokin Joe
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    Provided your new chainset uses the same bottom bracket it is just a straight swap. You will probably need to lose one link from the chain, this little programme is very handy - ... hcalc.html
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    Smokin Joe - Thanks for the clarification and the link. The link is a useful tool and it appears that I am 2 links short in my current set up so removal may not be necessary.

    I have done a bit of research and it looks like the bottom bracket is of the ISIS variety, so I guess the simplest method would be to buy an ISIS compatible compact? There seems to be quite a bit around so will it be a 'plug and play'?

    I would really like the Shimano but I assume that will need the Shimano BB (I assume this will fit in the Trek - with a little work?) for it to work?

    Cheers for this.