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E-Trax venture HC Map sizes?

newburb_1968newburb_1968 Posts: 114
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Hi all, need some more advice..
I have just picked up the above from Garmin, and also purchased the european map navigator map.
The E trax only has a internal memory of 24mb to load up a small region at a time, so on buying this map the area I live in associates with London therefore the map is too large. (Though it says it's a bit smaller than the 24mb it says it won't fit).
On maptool it takes in a whole area of essex and kent.

Has anyone come across this problem and how have they resolved it?

It would be really useful to know...the map states that it is compatiable with the etrax also?

Thanks Barry


  • Hi,

    Does the Venture have a card slot? I recently bought the Legend, and it has the slot. I downloaded the (free!) OpenSource all UK map onto a 2G microSD card (about 50MB) and inserted it and it's perfect.

  • andrew_sandrew_s Posts: 2,511
    The Venture HC has no card slot - you've got to get the HCx version for that.

    All you can do to reduce memory is to untick the "include route calculation data" tickbox.
    On my copy of City Navigator, this reduces the London tile from 12.0MB to 7.5, and the Chelmsford tile from 9.1MB to 5.7 (total reduced from 25.1MB to 17.1).
    The trouble is that this means that all you have is on-screen pictures of the roads, and that you can't do automatic routing, SatNav fashion.

    Otherwise, you could look for a copy of Metroguide. This apparently came in smaller tiles than City Navigator, so there isn't the same tendency to go over the memory limit because the map tiles include large areas you aren't interested in. Metroguide officially does routing only on the PC, not the GPS, but there's a hack available (MetroGold) to get round that. It's also not locked to the GPS the way CN is.
    Probably because of the hack, and many people buying the cheaper MetroGuide instead of City Navigator, it is has now been discontinued (last version was V9). There are still discs available (eg Amazon), but I'd take the view that they had already had my money for CN, and get the Metroguide version of the same data from a torrent.

    (NB I've never owned Metroguide, so I could be wrong on some of the above)

    OpenStreetmap data could be used, but you'd probably have to find out how to extract the data and convert it for Garmin use yourself. I expect most of the pre-converted maps are for the whole of the UK.
    Try here:-
    The first zip file is separate tiles that may be small enough
  • Thanks Andy..the etrax don't take a SD Card.

    Andrew thanks also will look up and try that and see if can be squezzed on.
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