When are chainrings too worn?

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I am going to upgrade the crankset on my Bianchi. I'm also getting a second-hand frame. Are the chainrings on the older crankset too worn? How do you decide that? Here are some pics. I have no problem with front gear change - yet. What do you think?



  • topdude
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    Hi, they look "worn" rather than "worn out" the simple test is does a new chain run smoothly without noise or jumping teeth ?
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  • John C.
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    Agree with topdude, used but not ready for the bin yet. As said try a chain on them and if it runs OK carry on, if not check prices of new chain rings, should only be 15-25 pounds each.

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  • Mettan
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    My big rings' recently completely worn out - that's 2 or 3 weeks of the chain slipping on the big ring - (wondered about chain/cassette rear deraileur etc) - it got worse and worse - recently ordered a new chainring - waiting for it to arrive.