Advice on qeues

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I know this is the wrong section to put this but if you put it elsewhere no one will read it, this section had the highest number of readers. So if you're in a qeue is it ok to go down the left side and undertake. I dont usually like doing this but man it speeds up your travels.


  • gundersen
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    and whats this got to do with "all things workshop related"?
  • balthazar
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    "Road Beginners" and "Cake Stop" are both busy and would get your queue query seen. I prefer not to undertake traffic, because of the risk of cars turning left across me.
  • John.T
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    Better to overtake (outside). The only real risk is someone pulling through the line into your path. You can see all oncomming traffic so no problem there. On the inside you get doors opening, pedestrians from both sides and there is always the clown that gets annoyed at you for doing it and tries to move in. Also not strictly legal.