Shimano shifting problems

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Hi all,

I have just decided to go back to drops from tribar setup after wrist injuries. I bought a pair of second hand sti's (Shimano Ultegra 9 speed) because I'm not sure I'll cope with drops and may have to return to my previous setup.

On fitting the sti's I have an issue with the right gear setup for the rear mech. It will go up the gears (to larger cog) fine with the' brake' part of the lever but when I try to go down (to smaller cog) with the smaller lever it won't click and change unless I hold the larger 'brake' lever in position.

Any idea's what would cause this and possible fixes or should I consign them to the bin and buy again?

I have to say that money IS an object in my life which is why I decided no secondhand until I know I can ride drops again so a fix would be appreciated.

Thanks Graham


  • andrewjoseph
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    I don't think this is normal, sound like the internals are buggered. find out cost of repairs, or tinker yourself before spending out.

    but it's more likely you'll need new.
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  • pugster
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    Definately not normal as I rode this setup before I was injured, just feels like somethings worn. Hoping someone knows if theres a fix.