Chammy rash

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Ive being doing longer than usual rides lately (110 + miles) so I used some Assos chamois cream on my bum just for extra protection. Result - a painful rash bordering on saddle sores. This may have been just due to the time in the saddle but it started within 50 miles which I ride several times each week. I have not had a problem before and I suspect the cream might have added to the problem. Never had a problem with the cream years ago which used to be rubbed into the chamois to soften it. Am I using it incorrectly (or should I rub it into the pad)? Anyone else had a problem?


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    It shouldn't matter whether you rub it into your chamois or into your dangly bits.

    I had a similar problem when I was using Sudocrem. I went to the Doctors and they advised me to change brand of chamois creme. On the small print on the Sudocrem label it said "may cause irritation"!

    I changed to the Assos one and I've had no more problems.

    I know you said that you have been OK with the Assos creme in the past, but maybe you should try a different brand? Perhaps they have altered their recipe?
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    bobtbuilder said :
    I know you said that you have been OK with the Assos creme in the past,

    Sorry for not wording it clearly Bob - Ive no idea what cream I used years ago but it was long before Assos. You are probably right though - just an individual reaction.