Washing merino wool baselayers

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For the second time I've managed to spill tomato pasta sauce on one of my best light coloured merino baselayers... and for the second time I now have a lovely baselayer with horrible stains on it that won't come out, despite putting it through a full wash as soon as it happened.

Anyone know if there is any way to take out stains from merino wool? (btw, my 'Vanish' says on the label not to use on wool or silk).


  • crankycrank
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    After looking into my how-to-clean-any-fabric book it says the only option is the dry cleaners but hopefully someone will chime in with a better solution for you. You should never be eating pasta sauce in your cycling kit unless your mother has made it for you, she is Italian and you are eating it at her house in Italy.
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    They need to hear about the last rule.