Specialized Elite 2010.

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Just got my 1st road bike since i was about 14, now 44.
Is it worth changing the tyres or shall I wait until the winter?
If it's a yes, what ones?
Thanks Steve


  • sonny73
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    You should be fine for now, but when you do go for some with more grip I would suggest http://mailordercycles.com/products.php?plid=m2b0s121p808
    Great price for a pair, got me some a few weeks back :D
  • sonny73
    sonny73 Posts: 2,203
    Oh yes meant to say, I hope you enjoy your new bike and I'm sure you will :D
  • StevePn
    StevePn Posts: 16
    Which colour did you get?
  • Grazy81
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    Great choice of bike :twisted:
    Which colour did you get?

    I thought it only came in the red and white
  • sonny73
    sonny73 Posts: 2,203
    Got the Quick Step red and whites, as my bike already had Quick Step red and white slick mondo pro's from new, so wanted to keep the colours right :D
  • Woodchip
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    I got GP4000S tyres at the weekend. Boy, do they grip well (compared to the Hutcinson Equinox that came as standard).

    Happy riding Steve.
    I have nothing more to say on the matter.
  • topdude
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    Change them now, another vote for GP4000s :D
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