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Leg armour

Mrs ToastMrs Toast Posts: 636
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Right, I know there's been a few threads on this, but I'm sure another won't hurt (much).

I want to get some knee and shin protection - I don't do owt too mental, just cross-country and trail riding. However, I've got dodgy knees that I'd like to protect from further damage, and I'd also seem to smack my shins with my pedals (normally when stationary! :lol: ).

Given that I don't want anything too heavy, I was thinking of something like the Kyle Strait knee pads/Veggie shin pads. However, I'm not sure if they fit well together, or even if they're meant to be used one or the other, and I'd be better off with combined knee/shin armour.

I have rather short legs, so I'd be worried about the top of the shin pads interfering with the bottom of the knee pads. The other plus side of combined armour is that I have the potential to look more like a stormtrooper.

Armour related thoughts?


  • FlenserFlenser Posts: 372
    Mrs Toast wrote:
    The other plus side of combined armour is that I have the potential to look more like a stormtrooper.

    Armour related thoughts?

    The Dark Side rules?

    Probably not what you wanted to hear... :lol:
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  • nwmlargenwmlarge Posts: 778
    i have some troy lee designs ones that only strap to the calf not to the knee but still have the protection there. makes them very light to wear and very cool.
  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    I had the veggies plus the knee things that went with them (were they kyles, i don't remember tbh)

    they're OK but I had the following experiences with them;

    neoprene makes your legs sweaty and clammy
    the knees are a tube design so a bit of a cow to get on and off, especially after a muddy ride
    The tube design also tends to pinch behind the knee
    if you have short legs, do you also have ... erm .... "stout" calves? it's a tough combo to find a fit for, you need to try them on for exactly the reason you state, the shin section tends to be too long

    I gave up with them eventually and just tend the injuries when they happen

    I have since got some Fox ones, which are great for DH and don't pinch behind the knee but I wouldn't ride trails on them, they don't like being straight at the knee much
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  • If it's the stormtrooper look you are after and the budget allows try some POC Bones leg armour.

    Very light and very good...had my first major off wearing them and the only parts of my body that escaped breaks, scratches, cuts or brusing was my lovely legs.

    Highly recommended and well worth the cash. ... %2Farticle

    Shop around and you can get a pair for around 60 squids.
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