how far and what intensity?

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hey there everyone,
just picked up my new bike today, a Specialized Allez sport. its my first bike, and tomorrow will be my first ride. i was going to go today but it hasnt stopped raining all day and i dont quite trust myself as i havent ridden any sort of bike for a few years.
any suggestions for my virgin ride? should i test myself or just get used to the bike slowly? any answers here will be greatly appreciated


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    Not a bad bike as a first bike!

    Hard to say what your first ride distance should be without knowing your age/weight/current fitness but...

    Your first ride(s) are just going to be getting used to riding the bike. I would start with say 5 miles on the flat, just steady, turning the legs over. See how that feels a few times then come back on here for a bit more advice. If it was easy, then up the distance to say 15 miles a bit faster so you're breathing harder, if not, stick with the 5 until it is easier.

    All the best.
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    Practice going up and down the gears and also clipping and unclipping into your pedals.

    Make sure to take the gear to fix a puncture too.

    Most of all have fun. good luck!
  • Congrats on the new bike. A beauty too.

    A good thing about starting out like us is our fitness levels increase the steepest (imo).. My last ride an 18mile up and down affair was alot easier than my first 7mile torture chamber of a ride. That first 7 mile one was agony but the same now is quite enjoyable but probably not taxing enough now even just after the few rides out.

    Hope you really enjoy it.
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    Make sure you take out food & drink with you. That's the most important thing. My first week of riding was simply going as far as I could on 1 bottle of water and having the 2nd bottle for the return journey. It helped me know my limits.

    If you're really unsure, just do a short ride - if it's too short, you can always go out and do it again. :D It's better to take it easy until you know your limits or you could end up shattered and miles from home!

    When I first started, i'd time myself over an 8-mile loop. 8 miles isn't much but it was really tiring at first and it was taking me about 45 minutes. As I got fitter, I simply increased the length of the loop, adding longer sections of road to it. After about 8 weeks I went from doing 8 miles a day to doing 30 miles every 2 days.
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    Depending on where you live it might be possible to plan a lengthy ride on nice roads while staying within a short distance from your home, then if anything bad happens you can easily ride back slowly/push your bike.
    After a couple of rides you will have an idea of the kind of distances you can manage.
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    Also i would say to make sure you have a spare inner tube and pump even if it is for a shortish route, as on my first ride on the allez i punctured.