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Camping & cycling w/kids in New Forest

canamdadcanamdad Posts: 165
Got a 6 & 7 year old that I'd like to take camping and cycling in NF for a couple of days. Any suggestions for campground near good low traffic or traffic free riding? Thanks!


  • Hi my first post and I'm glad it's going to be helping someone.

    I cycle with my kids in the New Forest all the time and there's miles of traffic free routes on well maintained gravel track.

    Buy these guides ... 2rv9cfm1d6

    They're only £3.50 or so and contain some great routes. Some actually go through campsites although I can't remember the names of them right now.

    As for the standard of the sites, not sure as I live nearby so return home after each ride. You won't go far wrong with that map pack though. The only one I'd avoid is Vale Views as it has one section where the terrain is a little too rugged for a bike with child seat /trailer/tag-a-long.

    Have fun and let me know how you get on.

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