Picking up new bike but now need storage solution

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Getting back into road cycling after a 13 year absence. Went o my LBS and they did me a great deal on a Trek 1.7, threw in pedals, shoes, jersey. Picking it up tomorrow.

We live in a small one bed flat with a small garden, very secure garden. I'll have to keep it outside. Been looking at some protective covers on Ebay but they all look a little flimsy. Guessing a motorbike cover should offer more protection? Are there any other products for this sort of thing?


  • looks good to me. might have enough room for a hook in the ceiling in the small laundry room we have. I could hang it there, doubt it would do any damage to the bike
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    We live in a small one bed flat

    There's your first problem, you live with somebody. Get rid of them and you can keep the bike indoors. :lol:
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  • Hahaha, too late I am afraid, although i live with all her running shoes so she will have to put up with the bike.
  • If you have wall space indoors, but don't want to drill any holes, you can get free standing racks that hold 2 bikes. I got one from Edinburgh cycles, which is very good, and you can probably get a cheaper equivalent from e-bay.
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    They have some examples on this site (I have never shopped with them though!)



    Probably the cheapest solution (If you do have room indoors) put this on the wall, mount the bike so the rear wheel takes the weight on the floor, and the hook is just keeping the front wheel against the wall.

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  • Put her running shoes outside and your bike in the wardrobe
  • that metal bike box looks great but its over £500 quid! :shock:
    think of the extra bike kit you could acquire (but not store) with that
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    A small secure shed may help, assuming you have room for it in the garden you mention?

    Depending on the size, it could be used to store other things - cycling "bits", household equipment, such as a hoover, tumble dryer, freezer, camping gear, etc. :D

    "just think of all the room we could free-up in the flat, dear" :wink:
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  • just picked up the bike and its sitting in the hallway, cannot wait to get out on it. Looks like I am going to have to get some sort of heavy duty motorbike cover. Although that does not keep the damp out.

    Skydog I like your idea of clearing out the flat.

    Must say a big shout for my LBS, they did me a cracking deal and I was so well looked after. Evans did not seem all that interested in getting it right when I looked at their store.
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    How about this?

    http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/nav.jsp?a ... arch=false

    Much cheaper and you should be able to fit a couple of bikes there with ease – I mean you have spent nearly a grand on a bike and you are going to leave it out?!?!?
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    A Trek 1.7 deserves to be kept indoors. That way you can admire it whenever you're in the house!
  • Your right, I cannot put this bike outdoors I cannot stop looking at it. Might go for the bike shed idea as there could be a divorce on the cards should I keep it in the hallway or the laundry room.

    Perhaps she could handwash our clothes and I could turn the laundry into a bike room....
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    Perhaps she could handwash our clothes and I could turn the laundry into a bike room....

    You got her a washing machine :roll: you're weakening. MTFU
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  • get one of these we're just waiting for ours to arrive now.
    You could put yours up on the top so it's out of the way :wink: Ours is going in the bedroom so i can keep an eye on my bike whilst I sleep :oops:
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    Get one of these, I've got a row of them in the garage to hang my mountain bikes and road bikes. They're £8.99 and work a treat. I'm sure you can find room in teh laundry room to hang a bike vertically ?!

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    I bought some big hooks from Ikea for about a quid each. Just got round to putting them up in the garage and I now have 4 hanging bikes. The bikes are hung from the back wheel and rest side on against the wall, meaning they take up more wall space, but very little garage space.
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  • Fungus - that's the one I got. It's very good, and is quite handy as a basic workstand too.
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    I'd suggest a small shed...however, it's much kinder keeping your bike indoors...preferably your living room...my Trek always attracts attention, and it's much more practical than an extra chair / bookshelf :D
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  • You won't believe this but the wife looked at the bike and went "now that is sexy" so she is clearing out the laundry room to allow me to hook it up against the wall. Result!
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    See, us girlys DO have taste...one word of warning though, be worried if your Mrs starts tidying your bedroom to make room for new roadie! :D
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