Campag/Shimano Compatibility

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Evenin' all - I'm carrying out a build project at the moment, need some advice. Would Campagnolo Xenon 9 spd shifters be compatible with a Shimano Deore rear mech and a Sora triple front mech? Any advice would be much appreciated, first time I've tried a build..... :?


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    Look here first ... 946#Hubbub
    You need Campag 10speed shifters to work 9speed Shimano mech and cassette. I have this combination on our new tandem. Veloce 10sp levers, XTR cassette and rear changer. Also on my solo I have Veloce 10sp shifters Campag triple long cage rear changer and a Shimano 11-34t cassette. Changer is wired up "Hubub" style.
    The front changer has different considerations. The main thing being it should be "triple" and the minimum ring difference between middle and top needs to be observed. Mountain Bike changers are angled differently and shaped for smaller outer rings (44t).
    Read Chris Juden's stuff several times to get the idea.
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    Thanks ever so much for your prompt response, Chris - that's a huge help. John
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    I've used the hubbub method and it does work. Why not be done with that and just buy this:
    It's cheap enough from All Terrain Cycles:

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    Good shout, Maander - I reckon I'll give that a go, Thanks a lot. John