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Totally - New MTB?????

latinquarterlatinquarter Posts: 4
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Im sure all you guys have heard this before???!!

Im just in the process of buying a new MTB to replace my very trusted and reliable Saracen Havoc which is still in good fettle but now 8 yrs old and much heavier than the new stuff
Problem I have is what to buy in a price range?
I really would like to have another full suspension MTB like my Saracen but its difficult to find something thats not silly priced. I have looked at the BTwin range but unsure what sort of quality you get for your money? Are they cheap in that respect or do you get the similar quality to GT or Giant for example. As I have only seen them in Dacathlon I wondered if they are just a cheap brand with inferior kit and chassis??
I have budgetted up to £800 overall for a FS version or should one but an alternative brand - more well known and go for a HT version and does this have better kit or am I just paying for the same but paying a premium to have a rear suspension and comfort.
If it helps guys, I do use a MTB off road and in very challenging environments so Im not just a sunday canal rider.
Hope to hear some positive and challenging replies too :?


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    £800 quid buys a lot of bike nowadays, even a full susser. There are some really good reduced models out there too.

    What do your local shops have to offer?

    Can you clarify what sort of terrain you will be riding ie long XC rides, short technical rides, jumps, big drops etc. Or a an all rounder?
  • Personally never had the pleasure of testing one, but everyone on here so far who has tried one seems to think very highly of the Decathalon bikes. They are very well specced for the money, in many cases, better equipped than the equivalent priced big brands.
  • Well dint expect such quick responses guys!!!

    In answer to your questions. Im really all rounder and do a lot of days out covering 15-30 miles off road with some good stuff like the slate quarries in the lakes if you have done them. I do technicall short stuff too but in the main its all rounder days and I tend to do quite a lot of lung busting climbs too to keep fitness levels up.
    My local dealers are offering Giants at £900 + or Kona at £1100+ but everyone of them keeps trying to ge me onto a HT for some reason? I havebeen used to FS bike for a long time and enjoy the comfort for those longer treks etc. So the dilemma is also should one go HT or FS too if comfort is the only benefit?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Well, FS does offer performance benefits for many, but at these prices are often several pound heavier than a HT, and that weight saving of the latter can be useful for longer rides.

    Sounds to me like you need the classic trail sort of bike, 120-140mm of travel at one or both ends. This should be competent enough for the technical stuff, but not a handful on the longer rides.

    I'd have a look at the Boardman Comp FS, an award winning bike, and the Giant Trance, Decathlon Rockrider 8.2 and possibly a Mongoose Teocali if fancy something a a bit more 'tough'.

    In the hardtail stakes, the Genesis Core or GT Avalanche Expert.
  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    Here's a good FS bike. It weights bit more than my hardtail and that spec
    you can't even see on some hardtails.
    Focus Super Bud Expert 2009: ... 360037552/
  • Well what a great response so far
    I have had a surf around at those suggested and still in dilemma over HT and FS and I guess having had most experience on FS I should stick to it asIm not exactly competing and having to save a few pounds wont make my life any easier. Its just as easy to buy an FS bike and loosesome wait myself I guess!!
    Hmmm will have to carry on surfing to see what is around but it seems to com back currenly to the BTwin as your site seems t like them too without any adverse reports in general. I was worried about the quality of the frame and build more than anything and thought I should spend more to get a decent bike but it seems as though the BTwin may cover this off for me.
    Thanks for all your responses, I will kee looking as I want to get abike this weekend latest and my saracen is up for sale so that may go sooner and left with only a road bike arrghhhhh.
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