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I have a Focus Cayo 105 and have had a few problems lately changing from the big ring to the small one. The first time I try it on a ride it can often take several seconds to make the change. It does seem to get better after that but makes a noise when on the bottom ring. By the way, it seems perfect going the other way (from small to large ring), the problem is only going large to small.

Is it a derailler issue or something that I can fix with the appropriate tightening?


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    It could be just that the mech and cable needs cleaning & lubricating? :wink:
    (I'm assuming you're referring to the front-mech?)
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    Yep, that's the one. I'll give that a go. Thanks.
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    Give the cable guide under the bottom bracket shell a good clean as well, it can get gunged up.

    The spring force on the Shimano front mechs is pretty high, so downshifts to the smaller ring are usually very positive. (there's an allmighty ker-twang! from my ultegra front mech when I drop to the small ring - that chain is certainly going to move!)

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  • I had similar problems with the Shimano 105 front mech shifting. It turned out to be the shifter ratchets being over extended and eventually breaking. This resulted in a brand new under warranty.
    It has happened a couple times with other posters.
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    Sounds like the mech or cable siezing.
    Grantstats. The shifter ratchet problem is often caused by the cable being too tight. This makes it very hard to release the lever. When on the big ring you should be able to pull the open bit of the cable and move the mech a little further out. A couple of mm is enough. This will also help get a better change. Just make sure the limit screw is set right.