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hi all,

A funny one here. A few weeks ago, I noted a serious change in my body shape. Having always had naturally wide shoulders, I was quite shocked when someone took a snap of me and I saw I had drooping shoulders and thin upper arms. My GF says it has happened since I stepped up the mileage on the bike - rode 120 miles the week before last for example. She now calls me Spaghetti arms....!!!!

I have been trying to combat it with bench press, but its there and it has happened. Has anyone else noted this? Whilst I am not overly worried as cycling is my main form of fitness now, it kinda shocked me how the body can simply change over time and of course, I suppose with age. Naturally I will try and make sure my posture is good off the bike but I wonder if I have a natural disposition the the shoulder shape. The odd thing is that I look at guys like Lance and he has kept his width up top.

All very odd.....maybe take a look at your body shape over the last couple of years and write back?



  • not really found that personally being pretty wide myself, but i do have a pretty physical job.

    What sort of cycling you doing? I would guess the more powerful cycling you do the stronger your upper body would be, no doubt i will be proved wrong as your upper half is supposed to be relaxed but if i climb or sprint out of the saddle the upper body is engaged much more.

    Either that or forget bench pressing- too isolated. I would concentrate on all in one excersise like dead lifts or snatch and jerk ( like olympic power lifting) these use a whole range of muscles that will give you more functional strength rather than pretty muscle. Also try training with your body weight doing wide grip reverse pull ups or tricept dips, again these create a more balanced upper body form, these can be done in different ways to train more general areas, plus if you do these you will increase core strength and certainly weighted lifts wil improve your cycling strength.

    Only from my own experience but i hope it helps
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    Bench pressing, whilst a great excercise, will not do a great deal for your shoulders and arms as they mainly work your chest. Although they do work your triceps I think dips are far more effective and work your shoulders, chest and core at the same time (depending on the angle of your body).

    For some reason I've never got the hang of cleaning a bar so simply concentrate on deadlifts and the military press.

    If you have time then you can stick with the bench but then supplement with a bent over row so you balance your upper body/back.

    But as landscapingsam has said. Stick with compound exercises and you won't go far wrong.