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Riding hell

AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
edited August 2009 in The Crudcatcher
Everyone's got their top whatever riding tunes, songs, ditties or melodies going in the pod or the head.

But what's your idea of hell tunes...(or heaven depending if you're up or down).....

people I will give you to start...

Apollo 440, Bon Jovi


  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    I'm confused already :lol:

    I can think of at least one classic tune done by both of those.
  • TomBeardsleyTomBeardsley Posts: 150
    Enya :lol:
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    I'm confused already :lol:

    I can think of at least one classic tune done by both of those.

    that's just my taste.

    thing is, just pick your own worst band or tune ever.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    edited July 2009
    I accidentally put my "chilling" playlist on instead of my "riding" playlist the other night, decided just to roll with it. Not a good idea... Emmy the Great, Frank Turner, Regina Spektor, Frou Frou, Groove Armada, Counting Crows... And all intentionally slow-paced tunes too (most of this lot have really good riding tunes). It just didn't work at all, I stopped for more rests, used lower gears, rolled around at 6mph...

    Fundamentally, you just can't ride a mountain bike to Everything Reminds Me Of You by Emmy the Great.
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  • Cat With No TailCat With No Tail Posts: 13,581
    Where to start.

    Pretty much all pop music actually
    could go on, but wont
  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    Riding related then, yeh, anything that doesn't have a driving beat that can't propel me up a hill goes on my sh!t list. So that's a large percentage of all music. Where to start???
  • XxxBFGxxXXxxBFGxxX Posts: 1,355
    any hardstyles loe the stuff
  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    Kinda along the similar lines, but why the hell do bands have annoying intro/interlude/outro tracks? Or why is there 20 seconds of silence when a song finishes? Constantly taking my mp3 player out the pocket and going crazy at it!
  • OH NO DanOH NO Dan Posts: 186

    (or that umbrella song)
  • Hercule QHercule Q Posts: 2,781
    that song by beyonce that sounds like a car alarm

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