First ride on a road bike in 19 years.

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Well just got back from my first ride on my Boardman Team Carbon, i've been riding mountain bikes since i left my Peugeot ANC Halfords racer behind in 1990, but i managed to snag a Boardman Team Carbon on the cycle2work scheme. Just completed 15 miles just to bed the bike in and for once dispite all the bad posts about the Halfords set-up my bike handled itself fine on its debut run.
Its going to take me a bit of time to get used to the sheer speed and handling of the bike but i loved it especially the last climb back to my house.


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    martylaa - do you mind me asking how much the bike cost - I'm considering the same one I think - was it £1500?

    My scheme only allows up to £1000 - also through Halfords so I'm trying to sneak in an extra £500 so I can get the Team Carbon
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    Your on about the Boardman Road Carbon Pro thats £1500 mate, mine is the Team Carbon for £1000 which is the max value i could get on Cycle2work, i did ask in the store about upgrading and just paying cash but they said they are'nt allowed to do this and for some reason its too much hassle to the store to do this, mind you thats only the store i got mine from, if you don't ask etc etc good luck
  • martylaa wrote:
    since i left my Peugeot ANC Halfords racer behind in 1990

    ah, the memories....
    do me a favour, you don't recall the stock rear gearing perchance do you?
    i can only remember the front being 42/52
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    I asked in halfords about paying extra to the voucher on c2w and they said it is up to each store if they allow it,luckly mine did!