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Tyres for Glentress...

HighRollaHighRolla Posts: 29
edited October 2009 in MTB buying advice
So I'm going to Glentress for a few days next month, but never having been there, I have no idea what sort of tyres I'll want. I need new tyres anyway, so thought I might as well tie it in with getting some that should suit the surfaces there. Planning on riding as much of everything I can.
Was looking through the latest MBUK and wondered if the Maxxis Minion that won the grouptest would be a good call, or if there is anything else that anyone would recommend? As far as budget goes, I reckon £30 tops, not UST, but no preference on wire/folding bead.
Any suggestions would be appreciated :)


  • justjamjustjam Posts: 97
    hi.. glentress is my local trail center..surfaces are hard packed so i use maxxis high roller 60a compound for good grip.also tried maxxis ignitors but they are ok till it gets wet.also depends on what routes you are doing red, black etc as they are all diffrent....
  • HighRollaHighRolla Posts: 29
    Like I say, a bit of everything, just gonna have a look and see what we feel like trying. Probably more FR than XC, but thats about as much as I can narrow things down by.
  • davcowdavcow Posts: 51
    Can't go wrong with a good pair of Maxxis High Rollers, try and get the 60a MaxxPro.
    Although have a look for the Kevlar bead High roller to drop a bit of weight, comes in a max size of 2.35".

    Or to confuse things even more what about a high roller on the rear and then a Minion on the front??
  • AirienteerAirienteer Posts: 695
    I'd go with a pair of Maxxis Ignitors. Or if you really feel that you need the grip, run the combo I have on my Meta, a High Roller on the front and an Ignitor on the back. That way the back has lower rolling resistance and can also slide out in the corners, but the front just digs in and doesn't slide out form underneath you.
  • HighRollaHighRolla Posts: 29
    The High Roller/Ignitor combo looks good, but I think I'd have clearance problems with the Ignitor, generally 2.2 is generally the largest I can get away with at the back. Having said that, I've got a Continental Vertical already which I could run out back with the High Roller.
  • Soul BoySoul Boy Posts: 359
    I used a pair of Maxxis High Rollers, D/H Super Tacky 2.35's recently in the Apls. Superb tire, so much grip and didn't feel at all draggy.

    OK the rear was pretty cut up after a week, but I bought them to use them specifically in the Alps and they didn't disappoint in any way. Can't recommend enough.
  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    I use Maxxis HR at the back and Swalbe NN up front. The HR does grip like hell up front but IME when it gives way it does so with a bang (ie rather suddenly) where the NN gives more warning

    HR out back gives godlike traction and the 60a has decently low rolling reistance for the tread. Weight wise the 2.35 steel wire HR is 800+ gr but the kevlar 2.1 version is <600gr. I have the 2.35 on my Stinky and Evil and the 2.1 on my lightweight SS. I wish they made the 2.35 in a kevlar bead aswell.....

    NN out front is great so long as you keep the pressure correct (differs by rider, but I normally use about 35psi). The standard lightweight carcass especially will start to squirm if the pressure is too low. If you're worried about sidewall life then the snakeskin version is loads stornger at not much of a weight penalty. I use the 2.4 on my Evil and 2.1 on the SS

    For ultimate godlike grip up front, the Maxxis HR 40 durometer (Supertacky) tyre has to get a look-in. This thing sticks like censored to a blanket and I've yet to find it's limits, I have this on the front of my Stinky. I wouldn't ride normal trails on this tyre though, it's too soft and so strictly for walk/winch up bomb down situations IMO. Superb rubber though.
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  • HighRollaHighRolla Posts: 29
    The 40's no good then, I'll ride up as well as down. The 60a definitely sounds like a good choice though, gonna go check around for prices
  • birchybirchy Posts: 309
    i used some conti mountain kings when i went up in june mint grip and fairly fast rolling as well 8)
  • HighRollaHighRolla Posts: 29
    Any idea how they compare to HRs though? And for puncture protection as well?
  • birchybirchy Posts: 309
    no punctures yet, my mate has 2.35 high rollers on his bike i have 2.4 mountain kings (protections) on mine both on the same bike and we both decided that mountain kings are faster rolling as for grip we both felt they we're great and evenly matched
    Hope this helps.
    it took us both ages to take the plunge though as everyone has their own opions but we are both happy with what we got:wink:
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    For GT, just use pretty much whatever tyre you like for hardpack and stones, unless you're going on the secrets when you'll really need something that can shovel a bit of mud. But on the main network, the surfacing and drainage is pretty much godly so you don't need to worry about the wet much at all. My favourite for there has been the 2.35 Small Block 8s, they grip like mad on this sort of surface and they're fast... But anything will do, just leave the mud tyres at home.
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  • ads4ads4 Posts: 698
    2.3 Conti Verticals for me. Great grip, roll really well and pretty light too :) ... ical.shtml

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  • HighRollaHighRolla Posts: 29
    Northwind, that was pretty much the best advice I've had so far thanks :)
    ADS24, I've got a Vertical already :)

    Only problem I have is clearance at the back is a bit tight, anything more than 2.2/2.3 is pushing it
  • ok im going up soon and right now iv got panaracer trailrakers on
    Should I change these then?
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Depends if you like them or not ;) They're kind of overkill I think, more winter/mud tyres aren't they? Certainly not needed but if you like how they ride, no need to change.
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