Drying out cycling shoes......?!

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Just got em totally soaked. They take about 36 hours to dry when up-side-down on my radiator on full-blast, partially because the solid soles decrease evaporation potential.

What's the best way of drying them out quickly? Anyone got any good tips?

I think i'm going to stuff them with a towel for a bit next time, to see if it'll absorb water.


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    towel or news paper will help a lot and its what I do.
    Got wet tonight too.
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    Do you have any common sense?
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    2 pairs or overshoes or put up with wet shoes (you get used to that in the Lake District) Otherwise as said before newspaper in shoes. But I would never put them on the Radiator unless you want them to fall apart.
  • Bhima
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    Really? Mine have been on the radiator countless times and they aren't falling apart at all!

    Tried overshoes and my feet still got wet! :?

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    Radiator full blast I reckon mine would take about 12 hours maybe less to dry as a radiator on full blast is hot. But I just leave em on the boiler and that dont get so warm really at the top, takes about a day maybe less to dry then.

    My shoes have carbon on the underside also. I've learnt overshoes will never keep your feet dry so dont expecting waterproof overshoes to keep your feet dry, just warm.
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    Newspaper is definitely the way forward - will speed up the process a lot.

    Didnt you ever get wet shoes as a school kid ?
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    :idea: As your spinning rate is equivalent to an industrial spin drier why don't you just keep using them!!
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  • I have holes in the toes of my shoes for air cooling I think; also come in handy as drains, :lol: as I was caught in the Rain this week, soaked to the skin, shoes dried out in the airing cupboard overnight. :wink:
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    Stuff em full of newspaper and leave them in the airing cupboard, I do this with mine and they usually dry overnight.
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  • news paper - my shoes get dry in about 12 hrs so im out the next day regardless of what time !
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    Newspaper and left in an airing cupboard is the only way. Worked in a sports retailler for many years, if you put shoes on a hot radiator all you end up doing is drying out the leather and melting the glue that bonds the upper to the sole. If you fancy taking a risk with a pair of £100+ cycling shoes then be my guest. Lost count of the amount of expensive trainers coming back in bits after being put on a radiator or put in a washing machine.
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    Otherwise scrunched-up newspaper pages work as well as anything. If the shoes are really wet you might want to take the soggy paper out and stuff some fresh pages in after a couple of hours. Leave somewhere fairly warm (but not hot) and/or draughty for quickest drying.

    If you're really struggling a spare pair saves you wearing wet shoes - get some cheap used ones for the odd time you need them.
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    Another one for news paper here! Pretty much the only use for the Daily Mail. :P
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    Hair dryer
  • mhuk
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    Nappies? I use newspaper and when only damp stick them on top of the TV (it's a big CRT so quite warm). They were soaking yesterday and dry today.
  • Headhuunter
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    Another vote for newspaper, however I have yet to find a way to stop them stinking. After they've been soaked in the rain a few times and dried out, they begin to smell like a mature blue cheese. Any ideas how to stop the stink?
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  • prawny
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    The little booklet I got with my Specialized shoes advises stuffing with newspaper and leaving to dry at room temperature. Works every time.
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    I just wear mine wet. If it's raining they'll stay wet, if it's not they dry out pretty quickly just by the breeze caused by the road speed.
  • pickled
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    prawny wrote:
    The little booklet I got with my Specialized shoes advises stuffing with newspaper and leaving to dry at room temperature. Works every time.

    Looks like I should have read my little booklet!

    I'd never heard of this method before, but its just dried out my sopping wet shoes inside of half a day.
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    If it's warm enough I wear Shimano SPD sandals which don't really soak up any water and dry quickly. Otherwise it's the usual newspaper stuffing and a warm (not hot) dry atmosphere.

    You could, of course wear them wet. It's not a problem in Summer normally. I used to spend the whole day with wet feet (and more) when we were sailing with no ill effects.

    In Winter, before the days of clipless pedals, I've been known to cycle to work in wellingtons in wet slushy conditions. My feet kept dry then :) I wasn't alone. A mate of mine had wellies with a Sidi sticker on the side :lol:

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