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  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    The best F1 race is still not as good as an average MotoGP race but this could be interesting. Any word on how long Massa is out for - is it rest of season?

    He was well unlucky to get clocked by that debris.

    As for Schumaker - never liked him - always remember him hitting the back of a slow moving Coulthard at Spa and heading down to his garage to accuse him of trying to take him out on purpose - asked about the incident later Coulthard said "I wasn't that worried to be honest, I still had my helmet on so I reckon I could have taken him" - I'd have loved Schuey to take a glaswegian kiss to the face with a crash helmet on live TV.
    Closet jockey wheel pimp censored .
  • Good news is that Massa is likely to go home on Monday if all goes well over the coming days.

    With his skull fractured in a couple of places, theres no way the F1 docs will allow him to race until those have fully healed.

    Schumi has been practicing on the simulator and is putting in the real laps on a 2007 car just now.

    Did anyone read the recent article about how Kubica arranged a karting race for a lot of drivers to compete in the other week...

    But those who question Schumacher's decision might do well to remember a little vignette that took place last Thursday in the media conference room at the Hungaroring.

    BMW driver Robert Kubica was talking about a karting event that he and Toyota's Timo Glock had organised the previous weekend.

    "We knew that maybe Michael (Schumacher) was coming," said Kubica, one of the most highly rated drivers in F1, "so we asked some drivers and they joined us. We had good fun, a good day's driving. Also a bit of competition because once you have drivers - even if it is not an F1 track, but karting - there is always competition. There is always someone who wants to be the fastest but overall I think it was good fun."

    So who was fastest, Robert, someone asked.

    "Michael was the fastest," he said.
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