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I don't like to brag but (she smirked)

ms_treems_tree Posts: 1,405
edited July 2009 in Pro race
Earlier on this year there was a thread about Hincapie winning P-R and I said he never would and neither would TheTwit win on the Ventoux. I was holding my breath yesterday but ..... the spirit of Il Pirata did it's work! :D
'Google can bring back a hundred thousand answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.'
Neil Gaiman


  • CorianderCoriander Posts: 1,326
    A woman's intuition - it's fab, ain't it?

  • TusherTusher Posts: 2,762

    I don't like to brag either, but it was worth climbing that wind-swept moor at midnight with only a full moon to light my cauldron.

    Hubble bubble toil and trouble.

    And it was a completely frog-free potion as well- I let them all hop away to freedom.
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